sa·ga | sah-guh

¹ a long story with dramatic events or parts
// We partner with owners to continue the saga of their business

We are an operator-led venture looking to acquire a small business from a transitioning owner.


Below are our guiding criteria:

      • Total Revenue > $10m
      • Net Profit Margin > 15%
      • Steady Historical Growth
      • Strong Company Culture
      • Loyal, Recurring Customer Base
Troy Beebe - Saga Growth Partners

Meet Troy Beebe

An investor-backed entrepreneur eager to continue the saga of an exceptional small business.

Troy is not your typical business buyer.

He has owned and operated multiple small businesses and knows how to get his hands dirty.

Troy is excited to work together with a like-minded owner as they seek to transition their business to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Investment Team

Are you a small business owner with an opportunity you’d like to discuss?

We would love to connect. Please contact us to set up an introductory call.

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